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Ugramo Fit S | Smart Body Measuring Tape
Ugramo Fit S | Smart Body Measuring Tape
Ugramo Fit S | Smart Body Measuring Tape
Ugramo Fit S | Smart Body Measuring Tape
Ugramo Fit S | Smart Body Measuring Tape
Ugramo Fit S | Smart Body Measuring Tape

    Ugramo Fit S | Smart Body Measuring Tape

    £39.99 £59.99
  • Measures 8 body circumference: Neck, Shoulder, Arm, Chest, Waist, Hip, Thigh, Calf.
  • Measures up to 60 inches(150cm); soft, flexible, and durable tape with two side units.
  • Retractable tape measure with pin lock.
  • Syncs data with your smartphone.
  • Long-term tracking charts help to see your changes.
    • Fit S
      Measure Intelligently For a Better Shape
      Don't forget to track your body size no matter whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or tone up. It's crucial for fitness.
      fit s boty measuring tape
      Accurate Measuring and Smart Recording
      The digital body measuring tape measures the circumference of up to 8 body parts. Just one press to switch between inches and centimeters in straight or curved mode.









      Gain Insights and Stay Motivated
      Connecting the body measuring tape with our App by bluetooth, your body metrics will be recorded automatically. Long-term tracking charts let you see your progress, and get control of your body size.
      measure baby body
      Family Sharing, Never Miss Your Baby's Growth

      Multi-user recognition of up to 10 users meets the needs of all family members, even tracking your baby's growth.

      Simple Measurement Steps
      It’s easy to measure your body size with just a few steps. The lock enables you to adjust the tape with a single hand.
      STEP 1
      measuring body step 1
      Pull the tape around the part you want to measure.
      STEP 2
      measuring body step 2
      Adjust lock to make the tape snug fit. It can be done with only one hand.
      STEP 3
      measuring body step 3
      One click confirms and syncs the data intelligently with the App.
      Measure with one Hand
      Curved & Straight Mode
      High-Quality Tape Made in Germany
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      LCD Display: 0.8*0.6 in

      Demension: 2.9*2.5*0.8 in

      Battery: CR2032 lithium coin battery(included)


      Display unit: in/cm

      Measuring range: 1~60 inch (1~150cm)

      Mode: Straight Mode & Girth Mode

      App Connectivity

      Bluetooth 4.0

      iOS Compability: 8.0 and higher)

      Android Compability: 6.0 and higher

      Is it a Bluetooth device? And How does the App record the measurements? +
      Firstly, users should pair the tape measure and the App via Bluetooth. When the user presses the confirmation button after finishing taking a measurement, the app will automatically sync the results. Please see the product instructions for more details.
      What is the advantage of this over a regular tape measure? +
      The biggest advantage of Ugramo Fit S must be the automatic recording functions working with the smartphone App. The App also offers long-term tracking charts, demonstrating every change of your body to motivate you to reach your goal. It’s much smarter than a regular tape measure!
      Can I use it for multiple people? +
      Of course. The app has multi-user recognition. You can add up to 10 people on one account. Also, users can download the App and create their own accounts separately.